Gerakan Nasional Anti Narkotika
National Anti-Drug Movement
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Anti-drug Task Force

KRH Henry Yosodiningrat SH, a prominent lawyer, began his period of service as a member of Indonesian Parliament in 2014. Entering his new chapter of life, where by law Henry is concurrently prohibited to practice law.

KRH Henry Yosodiningrat SH, a prominent lawyer, began his period of service as a member of  Indonesian Parliament in 2014. Entering his new chapter of life, where by law Henry is concurrently prohibited to practice law, he wholeheartedly accepted this assignment with joy as this provides him with opportunities to contribute more for the country and the nation of Indonesia.


Though preoccupied by his agenda of political life, Henry, initiator and is currently still chairs the National Anti-Narcotics Movement (GRANAT) continually active fulfilling his commitment in fighting against drugs. Kept taking the time to together with fellow board members of GRANAT, inducting officials of its regional offices in various provinces; speaking for media and also giving public lecture at several universities as well as building up a wider anti-drug society network.


In February 2016 Henry initiated the establishment of Anti-Drugs Task Force in the province of his birth: Lampung. The initiative was embraced by the Provincial Government and community leaders of Lampung (Starting from Governor, Regional Police Chief, Regional Army commander, Naval base commander, Air Force base commander, Regents up to respective administrators of entire villages in the province)


Henry himself gets his hands dirty by visiting all villages throughout the province covering an area of 35.376 km2 with population of over eight million, Provide the Task Force he has formed with empowerment to carry out their job  and delivering anti-drug training to the community at various places such as  community center, schools including Islamic boarding schools, universities even in the open public area.


Since its inception, along with the regent police chiefs and the Regents of Lampung, as of today he has formed around 2,000 task forces in the villages or towns and their surroundings including at some schools and boarding schools throughout the province. Task Forces comprised of members of the community appointed by the their leaders with the main task of preventing the drug abuse and assist local authorities in the fight against illicit drug trafficking in the respective region.


Established a year ago. People in Lampung perceive deterrence on drugs from Task Force network improves. The Task Force will provide community with information on illicit drugs and the hazard inflicted by drug abuse. With this awareness, community will support  Task Force in counteracting drug trafficking. Public awareness it self already will help in reducing demand for drugs, accompaniment by Task Force will significantly intercept and further deter drug dealers


Prior to forming the task force, drug trafficking was rampant even in remote countryside. This is attributable to the opening by provincial administrator of business opportunities in Lampung such as plantations, shrimp ponds etc. Number of drug users across Lampung is very high.


The establishment of the Anti-Drug task force throughout the country, is expected to reduce the number of users and significant casualties. Task Force's flagship program for both users and street dealers who depend on the results of selling drugs is as follows:


1. Preventing abuse / suppress the increase in the number of users (victims) that will reduce the demand for drugs.


2. Prevent the entry of illicit trafficking Nakoba to the region each village, school and community


To ensure Task Force program sustainable, Henry continuously provide supervision and field coaching. It consumes a lot of energy, time, money and other resources, it’s risky too for drug dealers are furious their sales is hampered. However, Henry’s dreams for a drug free world, particularly his homeland of Lampung eliminates all the r the drug eliminates the risks and he even seems happy doing it.


Establishment of Anti Drug Task Force attract the attention of national leadership. In a ceremony inaugurating the Task Force in Lampung on May 18, 2016, National Police Chief commended and gave appreciation. He further promised to assist in application of this in other provinces throughout Indonesia.


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