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Post disclosure of meth stored in spare tires

Syamsul: Kepri (Riau Islands) Drug Emergency

MONDAY, 08 AUGUST 2016 05:00

Post disclosure of meth stored in spare tires


TANJUNGPINANG (HK) - Chairman of the Provincial Leadership Council (DPD) National Anti-RUGS Movement  (GRANAT) Riau Islands, Samsul Paloh rate, the condition of the area in Riau Islands Province, is drugs emergency.

This is evident with drug raids by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) in Tanjungpinang (Tpi) together with the evidence of 80 kilograms of narcotics type of methamphetamine, including 120 thousand ecstasy. Both types of drugs are stored in four spare tires of the car in front of the Tire Shop Taya, Jalan Gatot Subroto, KM 5 Bawah Tanjungpinang and include three of the suspects on Thursday (4/8) then.


The drums of war against drugs declared by President and BNN, recognizing Indonesia is in drugs emergencies, apparently proved by raid of dozens of kilograms of methamphetamine together with hundreds of thousands of ecstasy pills in Tanjngpinang recently” said Samsul


Jakarta has instructed all levels and relevant agencies, BNN to form a special team dedicated to vigorously hunt down drug lords and drug trafficking syndicate now.


" We need to give appreciation and thumbs up to the President, BNN, Polisi and TNI. However, the question is, whether all of these action and the movement apply to Jakarta as well as certain areas only" he said.


According to him, there are thousands of islands within  Riau Islands province, both inhabited and uninhabited. When looking at this fact, including those of Batam and Tanjung Pinang Riau Kepulauan, it is possible trans national drugs crime take place there.


" It can also make the addicts, especially the drug dealers and drug lords continue supplying illicit drugs that can destroy future generations of this nation" he said.


The interception of narcotics type of methamphetamine that reaches hundreds of kilograms by BNN can be a whip hit for a number of involved parties in the region ito be more observant in overseeing the entry of illicit goods into the region, through the many unofficial ports in the vicinity


"This incident should be of concern to us all, because Kepri nowadays is a common thread where drug trafficking, the drug lords from domestic and overseas, is very easy to smuggle in illicit drugs into the region through the number of unofficial small ports," he said.


Samsul also hope, the disclosure of narcotics type of methamphetamine and ecstasy by the BNN, does not end here, need to disclose the identity of the trafficker, their networks and the cities they are marketing the drugs

"Investigate this case thoroughly. Reveal and catch a big dealers who own the drugs," said Syamsul. (Nel


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