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National Anti-Drug Movement
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Cooperation between Kampung 99 Pepohnan and GRANAT

Soft Opening Anti-Drug Educative Hut

To educate people, particularly younger generation, about the threat of drug abuse by learning to love, build up and care for themselves continuously as element that is inseparable with nature
One hot and humid afternoon on Friday, June 3, somewhere in Depok, a city adjacent to South Jakarta, GRANAT's Executives and some of its officials from other regions including Head of Maluku chapter, together with municipal board of Depok as well as educational community and people from surrounding area gathered here in Kampung 99 Pepohonan. Despite humid with hot air hanging around, a sign that it will be rain, all invited guests seemed cheerful and enjoy the moment. Today Kampung 99 Pepohonan soft opens Anti-Drug Educative Hut


Kampung 99 Pepohonan ( is a 5 hectares green area which originally slums and arid that is now inhabited by 36 families who make a healthy and independent living of farming, gardening, cultivating fish, raise cattle, buffalo, goats, sheep, chickens, and deer among the grove of trees planted


Kampung 99 Pepohonan adopts the culture of togetherness and kinship, built this place to live naturally: live out of gardens and livestock. The residents also agreed to have only one source of water, kitchen and laundry facility to cater their need.


As the name implies, Kampung 99 Pepohonan successfully created ecosystem by planting trees namely white teak, teak, banyan, varnish, bintaro, amber, mahogany, cinnamon, eucalyptus, Kopo, tamarind, rosewood, ketapan, chiral, rubber, maja, ebony, rattan, nyamplung, flower, Putat, Ashdod and various other trees which is carried out continuously. Dung of cattle, goats, sheep, deer used to fertilize vegetable and fruit crops and trees. A life cycle was formed naturally which eventually form a healthy community who respect to each other and care for the nature.


The opportunity to share the experience of living with nature agreed upon by the residents by opening up the Kampung 99 Pepohonan for urban community so that they can have an alternative place for recreation. Facilities available are several log cabins that serve as a support facility for community activities, such as out bonding activities, family picnic, music stage and lodgings.


Schools or society can make use of the facility at Kampung 99 Pepohonan as a place to educate their students or children. Out bonding trains their solidarity, teamwork spirit and also building up leadership. Not less interesting is children can learn about farming, gardening, cooking, milking cattle, breeding, all of which are not easily available in their urban classrooms.



Kampung99 Pepohonan now expands its contribution to society by developing and providing a place (huts) that can be used to educate people to avoid narcotic drugs, promote awareness of the harm of illicit drug abuse


Operational of SEAN is assisted by GRANAT who have expertise in drug prevention activities


SEAN’s vision:


To educate people, particularly younger generation, about the threat of drug abuse by learning to love, build up and care for themselves continuously as element that is inseparable with nature

SEAN’s mission:

  • Build, foster and enhance awareness for young generation to live clean, healthy and drug free by nurturing their care spirit toward nature and environment;
  • Provide society with insights and knowledge about the harm of illicit drug abuse;
  • Get the younger generation close to nature and be self-sufficient in drug free natural environment;
  • Becomes a place as a means of learning and community role in preventing drug abuse;
  • Building a healthy life without drugs through growth of self-consciousness as a cultural manifestation that blends with nature.


Implemented with the intention of realizing the integrated solutions from the Kampung 99 Pepohonan whereby nature is there for the safety of the younger generation, or prevent them from the hazard of drug abuse by exploiting nature and the environment


During the soft opening, GRANAT's officers, including its SecGen show the guests various posters on drugs and things associated to drugs, as well as caricature exhibition. At later stage, apart from the regular counseling sessions, SEAN will also display various drugs available in Indonesia market` as show case to help people recognize them


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