Gerakan Nasional Anti Narkotika
National Anti-Drug Movement
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Building Community Anti Drug Coalitions

Tuesday, 5 Sep 2017

Colorado Marijuana troubles grow

Wednesday, 31 Aug 2016
The Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area has released its fourth report on the impact of marijuana on the state of Colorado. Problems associated with the drug continue trending in the wrong direction.

Soft Opening Anti-Drug Educative Hut

Tuesday, 14 Jun 2016
To educate people, particularly younger generation, about the threat of drug abuse by learning to love, build up and care for themselves continuously as element that is inseparable with nature

Narcotics By All Their Issues

Friday, 22 Apr 2016
This is a paper written by Drs. H. SARMOEDJIE, Kol. Laut (Purn), Granat Chairman of Central Executive Board and National Presidium of FOKAN (Forum Organisasi Kemasyarakatan Anti Narkoba). This paper is in Bahasa Indonesia.



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  • Don't trip!
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Dialog: Bersihkan TNI dari Narkoba # 4
Perang melawan narkoba menjadi pekerjaan rumah serius yang harus melibatkan seluruh elemen bangsa. Ironisnya ketika perang melawan narkoba…