Gerakan Nasional Anti Narkotika
National Anti-Drug Movement
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We, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that Indonesia is presently under a major threat of the hazard from illicit drug abuse
The fact that:
  • Currently at least two million people of Indonesia become the victim of addiction to drug. They made up of students of high school and university, professionals, even officers in security agencies. An average of two people died everyday due to drug, apart from those who suffer damages in mental, physic and social;
  • The use of, and addiction to narcotics also alter the character of many students that force them to get involved in criminal offence. Crime rate, qualitatively and quantitatively, tends to increase. This is due to the fact that when they are heavily addicted, they feel justified to do anything starting from stealing, deceiving, robbing, whoring, and even worse, to killing, in order to get drug;
  • Indonesia is not anymore a transit place for illicit drug trafficking but has become target market and production. Therefore narcotics have been widely spread in Indonesia and is very easy to get;
  • The fact also suggests the limited capability of law enforcer to eradicate or curb the illicit drug trafficking. While informations pertaining to the drug hazard among youngsters and parents or educators are very limited, hence the public is less enthusiast participating to address the issue s
Based on the above facts, we hereby agree to form an organization called GRANAT, stands for (translated) NATIONAL MOVEMENT AGAINST NARCOTICS, aimed at fighting against illicit drug trafficking and illegal use of Narcotics.
GRANAT either by itself or in cooperation with community members or government agencies, shall launch awareness campaign on the harmful effect created by illicit drug trafficking and drug abuse, counteract the drug trafficking and overcome the hazard of drug abuse
Jakarta, 2 Oktober 1999
  1. Samsudin
  2. Koesparmono Irsan
  3. Adnan Buyung Nasution
  4. Henry Yosodiningrat
  5. Tian Bachtiar
  6. Albert Kuhon
  7. Sudirman
  8. Abdul Rahman Salef
  9. Faisal N. Afdhal
  10. Karni Ilyas
  11. Purnomo Subagiyo
  12. Jilal Mardhani
  13. Tommy Soenanto
  14. Hanna Widjaja



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