Gerakan Nasional Anti Narkotika
National Anti-Drug Movement
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Brief History: Establishment of GRANAT

In September 1999 Henry Yosodiningrat, an Attorney, saw and felt the problem created by illicit trafficking and drug abuse undermines Indonesia and  may be a serious threat to the future of Indonesia

Feeling perturbed and powerless, he initiated discussion with friends. Closed friends whose moral commitment and love to the country have been proven, with uneventful track record who has never abused their professionalism.

With the thoughts in mind, a long came 13 friends namely:
  1. Maj Gen Drs Koesparmono Irsan, SH., MM., MBA
  2. Maj Gen Samsudin
  3. Tian Bachtiar
  4. Hanna Widjaja, SH., Msi
  5. Ir. Albert Kuhon
  6. Abdul Rachman Saleh, SH
  7. Faisal N. Afdhal
  8. Karni Ilyas, SH
  9. Colonel Drs H. Purnomo Subagio, MM
  10. Jilal Mardani
  11. Drs Tonny Soenanto
  12. Dr Sudirman, SPKj., MA (deceased)
  13. DR. H. Adnan Buyung, SH
  14. Together with Mr Yosodingrat that made up this group of 14 persons hereinafter referred to as the “Founder”

Having gone through series of discussions and small talks, the group realizes to have a common perception, that Indonesia (in 1999) was facing a serious threat posed by illicit drug abuse and trafficking. This perception is based on the facts appeared at the time, amongst other:
  1. At least 2 million Indonesian have become victims of drug addiction. They made up of students, professionals and even worse, personnel at security agencies. An average of two people died everyday due to drug abuse. Moreover, majority of addicts suffered damages mentally, physically and socially
  2. That addiction to drugs eventually altered the character of students. Some started to engage in criminal offence. At time it was forecast that crime rate tends to rise, both quality and quantity wise.  When drug users get addicted, they tend to justify all actions, including prostitution, just to get drugs to satisfy their addiction.
  3. Also the fact at the time that Indonesia was no longer considered as transit point. Rather it has become a major market destination for drug trafficking as well as drug producer, thus drugs are widely spread across the country and are very easy to obtain
  4. Indicated at the time the limited capability of law enforcement force to intercept the smuggling-in of drugs from overseas, and to prevent the illicit drugs from further distribution in the country. On the other hand, information pertaining to the hazard created by drug abuse among the teens and parents was very minimal, hence the community is oblivious to the issues.
Based on the these realities, on October 2, 1999 that group of 14 CONSENTS to form an organization called GRANAT which stands for (translated) National Movement Against Narcotics, aimed at fighting against illicit trafficking and drug abuse. In order to achieve that goal, GRANAT, either singly or work together with other organization or government agencies launch campaign on the hazard of illicit trafficking and drug abuse, and on how to counteract illicit drug as well as to overcome the harmful effect posed by drug abuse.

Later on October 28 of the same year, in commemoration of the  Youth Pledge Day (taking the spirit of the then Indonesian Youngsters), the Founder held a press conference to officially declare the establishment of GRANAT.

Therefore consensus is reached to make October 28 as its establishment date to be commemorated as GRANAT’s anniversary

Initially at the inception, GRANAT is a Moral Movement, formed to encourage people to work together toward drug free Indonesia. To take actions whatsoever in fighting against drug trafficking, prevent from anything and any actions associated to drug abuse.

Few days after the Declaration, Founder are busy taking calls from many national figures and religious leaders alike from all over the country, who basically commend, and support the initiative, many of them even expressed their intention to set up GRANAT organization in their respective locations.

Responding to such request, the Founder invited them to a first National Work Meeting in Jakarta (hereinafter referred to as the “Meeting”) on November 28, 1999. The meeting was officially opened by the then Attorney General, Marzuki Darusman, who immediately thereafter was elected as Honorary Member and become a member to the GRANAT’s Board of Advisors.

The Meeting put together and ratified Articles of Association which amongst other stipulates that GRANAT’s characteristic transformed from organization of struggle to become Social Community Organization. In compliance to Articles of Association, national public figures attending the Meeting were given mandate by the Central Executive Board (hereinafter referred to as “DPP”) to establish GRANAT organization at their respective provinces, regency/mayoral/cities, district, village, campus across the country

Structure of GRANAT organization comprises of:
  1. Organization at national level domicile in the capital city of Republic of Indonesia, led by DPP in collective manner, regarded as the Supreme Board of GRANAT that consists of Chairman, Members of the Board, Secretary General and Deputies supplemented by several Departments which each is chaired by Department Head and Deputy Head(s)
  2. (up to paragraph 7 are compressed and summarized for the sake of convenience): Organizations  at all levels of regional, special Metropolitan Jakarta province, regency, city, district, village, rural, campus, business premises are respectively led by DPD, DPD-K, DPC, DPAC, District and Unit in a collective manner. (Please refer to Articles of Association for further details)
The initiative pays off, GRANAT gains sympathy as reflected by soaring number of GRANAT’s personnel at Executive Board across Indonesia that reach around 13,000.  That figure excludes millions of supporters and volunteers throughout Indonesia.

All GRANAT’s activities always gained support and positive response from general public, with the local municipal always accommodate the program.

GRANAT ‘s Primary Programs

According to GRANAT’s Vision and Mission Statements, the main programs are as follows:
  1. Prevent illicit drugs from entering into Indonesia from abroad, and prevent further distribution and trafficking of illicit drugs from one area to another, within the jurisdiction of Republic of Indonesia
  2. Eradicate trafficking of illicit drugs across the country
  3. Prevent from abuse of drugs (curb the growth rate of addicts) by providing public with education on the hazard posed by illicit drug use
  4. Help the delinquent. Assist drug addicts who are considered as victims to restore their life of being healthy and normal
Establishment GRANAT as a Non Governmental Oreganization has been registered and duly approved by the Director General of National Unity and Politics of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Republic of Indonesia on December 9, 2008 by decision letter No. 130/D.III.2/XII/2008.



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